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The Three Easiest Lizards to Care For

The three easiest lizards to care for are great lizards for beginning lizard owners. Anoles, Leopard Geckos and Bearded Dragons are all famous for their simple needs. Even though these lizards are easy to care for, make sure you have on-hand a great lizard book to look up answers to any questions you may have.

Leopard Geckos are a very easy lizard to care for. They have a simple diet of insects and don’t mind being handled. Often toted for being a great lizard choice for families with younger children, they can also be quite entertaining since they like to chirp. Leopard Geckos are easy to house since they average eight to ten inches in length and require little maintenance. They are a hearty lizard who enjoys an ambient temperature of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit in their enclosure and moderate humidity.

Bearded Dragons are also another famous family-style species of lizards. Bearded Dragons can grow to about a foot in length and are also insect eaters. Dropping a few fortified crickets in every two to three days are all your lizard needs to maintain optimum health. Bearded Dragons are easy to tame and don’t try to escape from a human’s hands once they are used to being held. Younger lizards tend to be of a more delicate constitution, but once they are a few months old, they are quite hearty and able to withstand the rigors of children, although children should always be supervised when handling any small pet.

Anoles are also low-maintenance pets from the lizard family. Their diet is insect based and ensuring that their crickets are treated with a nutritional supplement before feeding will be beneficial to their long life. Their life expectancy is between four to six years, with some occasionally reaching eight years. Anoles can be housed with several lizards in the same enclosure, provided there is enough space. They also change colors from greens to browns, which is entertaining, but is often a flag that the lizard is under a form of stress.

Knowing what to expect when seeking a lizard is always the best thing to do. Read up and do your research when finding a lizard to bring into your family. Know that they require warmth and humidity specialized to their species and can be easy to feed. And if you are looking for a trouble-free lizard, look into the three easiest lizards to care for.