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Choosing a Snake Species

Snakes are fascinating animals whose popularity have skyrocketed in recent years, but education and care needs to be present when choosing a snake species. Many are the new snake owners who got a snake and found themselves overwhelmed by the care and upkeep of an animal whose needs were too great for their level of commitment.

If you are looking into snakes as possible pets for you and your family, do not enter the arena thinking you’ll have a maintenance free animal. Research your possibilities before making a purchase. The best thing to do is buy a good reference manual for snakes. Read up on species and their traits. Know the characteristics of the breed you select so there will be no surprises. Find a reputable snake breeder or pet shop specializing in reptiles so you will know you have a quality animal. Also note their life expectancy. Bringing a snake into your home means you are likely to have that pet that will live twenty or more years, on the conservative side.

Beginners in the snake world have many choices facing them when selecting a snake species. Corn snakes, King snakes, Ball Pythons and Rainbow and Dwarf Boas are great for beginners. They are known to be more docile and more easily adaptable to new surroundings. Obtaining an younger snake will ensure that you are able to build a strong relationship with your new pet, although an older snake of these breeds can be completely acceptable.

For those with some experience in dealing with snakes, the spectrum becomes a bit broader. Intermediate snake owners can look into Burmese Pythons and Viper Boas, in addition to other types. These snakes are a bit needier than those suitable for beginners. They can be a bit more aggressive and have greater dietary needs. They are also bigger, requiring more space and care.

Expert snake owners have very few restrictions, but should be well educated about the more advanced snakes they wish to own. Without exception, only expert snake enthusiasts should seek out venomous snakes. Venomous snakes can be a liability because they are highly unpredictable. Reticulated Pythons are also an expert snake species. They can be particularly finicky with food and complex personalities.

Ultimately, snake ownership can be very rewarding. Taking into consideration the species you intend on getting and their needs is crucial to a rewarding relationship between the two of you. Know what you are facing with snakes and their traits and the job will be much easier when choosing a snake species.

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