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Turtles by Size

When people make the decision to get a turtle as a pet, they usually get them when they are very small and rarely take into consideration how big turtles really can get, that is why it is important to know turtles by size.

Known for their smaller size, Box Turtles are great pets. They generally don’t get much larger than about six inches in size. They are terrestrial turtles who do like to have water nearby, but don’t spend much time in the water in comparison to their aquatic counterparts.

Mud Turtles are about the same size as Box Turtles and will follow most of the same care standards, although they will need a good amount of mud in which to burrow. About the same size as Muds are Musk Turtles. They are a drab looking animal who tends to be a bit of a recluse but has a long life expectancy.

A popular aquatic turtle is the Painted Turtle. They got their name from their gorgeous shells and skin. They range in color from green to black with markings of red and yellow. At maturity these turtles reach about nine or ten inches in diameter. Painteds spook easily and are somewhat sensitive to illness, but can be very good pets.

Slider Turtles are very familiar to most Americans. They are commonly sold in pet stores and people mistakenly think that because they are small when they bring them home they will remain small. Sliders come in a wide variety of breeds but most of them will get up do a foot in length. That is about the same diameter as a dinner plate, so obviously they will need a lot of room.

In the Slider family is the Map Turtle, which also encompasses several breeds. These are turtles that require lots of care and are best suited to experts because they are susceptible to many diseases. They become more sensitive to illness when stressed or when their water supply is not perfectly clean. These turtles are brilliantly colored and the different kinds have varied patterns which are all very distinctive.

Another pair of expert level turtles is the Snapping Turtle and the Softshell Turtle. Snappers do just what their name implies. They are quite small when young, which deceives many, as they can grow to about twenty inches at maturity. They are a bit grouchier than other types of turtles, so use care when handling them. Softshell Turtles are also a testier species. They can cause awful bites and should not be handled by anyone less than an expert. They are soft all over; their legs are more like flippers than the others listed here. If not kept in perfectly clean water they will become sick easily and they are prone to infection if they have any cuts or abrasions on their bodies. Softshells can reach about the same size as Snappers. Both are aquatic turtles.

Knowing what to expect from the growth of turtles will help you make the right decision when considering your new pet. A little research will help you learn turtles by size.