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Amphibian Dropsy Disease

Dropsy Disease is a common illness in the amphibian world today. It occurs in several aquatic and semi-aquatic animals. This disease causes fluids to excessively expel from the body. Also stated that the amphibians have an improper metabolism, which causes an abnormal accumulation of body fluids to build up in the abdomen. Though still under debate, some of the researchers feel it is a bacterial infection. While other researchers feel a failing liver and/or kidneys cause dropsy disease. Contributed to poor living conditions, dropsy disease is highly contagious and usually causes death of the amphibian.

Typical symptoms of dropsy disease vary, and sometimes are difficult to detect. Lack of activity and appetite, or lethargy are all signs of this fatal disease. Along with fast and extreme bloating, also known as edema, is another painful symptom for your amphibian. Your amphibian may still want to eat, but from being so swollen cannot catch their food without some help from you. This will help in the amphibian getting some food or nutrition while they have this infection.

If an amphibian contracts dropsy disease, it is best to seclude it from the other amphibians to prevent the others from acquiring this fatal disease. When the swelling in is overly large or is located in or around the eyes or any other delicate externals organs, it is possible to puncture the spot with a sterile needle, drain the fluid, and wash the wound. Since amphibians rarely sit still for anyone, the best solution would be to take the amphibian into your veterinarian for proper care and safety for your amphibian.

Any amphibian showing sign of dropsy disease needs to be seen immediately by a veterinarian so they may have the proper treatment. The veterinarian may choose to use a sterile needle to drain the excess fluid in the abdomen. They may also choose to treat the amphibian with an injection of a diuretic. The amphibian may also be give antibiotics but should not be the only consideration for the treatment.

Dropsy disease goes undetected in many amphibians. Dropsy Disease occurs when the amphibian has been injured, is stressed or has poor living conditions. It is important to separate amphibians when dropsy disease is suspected for less chance of contamination to your other amphibians. This is a preventable disease with proper health care, maintenance and nutritional care of your amphibian. Not only preventing this disease for health reasons it will help the quality of life for your amphibian.