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Poison Prevention For Your Reptile

Cleaning your reptile’s home increases the toxins a poison into your reptiles living environment. This can progress to algae problems or loss of habitat. Reducing the risk of contamination and understand to prevent and remove them if needed.

Evaluate your water source to make sure it is toxin free. Town and city water often has chlorine added to eliminate bacterial had algae growth. The chlorine is extremely toxic to reptiles. Because it kills bacteria it gives a negative affect to the natural filtration of the aquarium. If increases the ammonia and nitrites. These two chemicals are toxic to reptiles and need to be as close to zero at all times.

Chemical conditioners decrease the amount of chlorine and any heavy metals in your water.

The Physical Remover is a process to take out chlorine from the water and is to be used a couple days prior to using. This should only be used if no heavy metals are present in the water.

Water Purification is the final step of making your water pure and will not only remove chlorine and metals, but also any other impurities.

Make sure to prevent any toxins that can develop in the home. For instance wash your hands before reaching into the aquarium. Bug sprays, cations and perfumes on hands and arms are toxins to the reptile. Do not allow chemicals or medication to go into the aquarium. Never overfeed or over-supplement your reptile.

A lot of the airborne toxins are not remembered. From household cleaning remodeling and pest control; they all are dangerous to your reptile.

Household cleaners and aerosols release musts or drops of the chemical and can get into the reptiles cage or aquarium.

Remodeling activities include painting, staining, or airborne dust all this are in the air and affect your reptiles way of life.

Pest control is needed once in a while in the home to bomb the bugs. It is a good idea to remove your reptile from the home when you are fumigating.

Keeping your reptile’s aquarium or cage free of toxins is extremely important. It could cost them their life. It is a very difficult thing to do but it is a must!

Taking the little steps in checking the water for metals and chlorine to removing your pet when fumigating will save your reptile’s life. Make sure to always wash your hands before and after doing anything with your reptile you are saving your life and your reptile’s.