Read About Boarding Your Reptile

If you are going to be boarding your reptile you will want to know everything you can to make the process better for you and your animal. Being well prepared well ahead of time can help you in deciding exactly what you want with regard to the care of your pet. Ultimately you will want your needs met as well as those of your reptile.

As you set out to find the proper boarding location, know what you want. Making a list of what you expect will help you in narrowing the choices and will help the boarder know what you are looking for. You have a right to ask questions and you deserve answers. You will have to take into consideration your financial abilities, but remember that you get what you pay for. An extra couple of dollars for services might mean much better care for your pet. Also, ask about special discounts and incentives your facility provides. If your facility allows their patrons to participate in sweat equity, you might be able to work off some of your cost.

Ask your veterinarian not only for names of reputable reptile boarders, but also what health requirements are in place in your area. Boarders are not going to take an animal that may endanger the others in its care. You will need certain health certifications on hand when interviewing to prove the well-being of your pet. It can be helpful to bring copies along to give to the boarder so they can have them on file. You will also want to check with the boarder regarding their policies regarding animals that become sick while in their care. If you want your pet taken to a specific vet, then say so. Boarders often have relationships with their own vet and prefer to take their charges there.

Know your pet’s temperament. Know that animals are extremely sensitive to stress and unfamiliarity breeds stress, so if you know that upsetting your snake means he wont eat during his next feeding, be ready to tell the boarder. Your pet’s first time in a boarding environment may be difficult for him. If your house is a one frog stop and suddenly your frog is one of ten in the frog area, expect that he might not react so well. You have to be honest with your boarder so they will know what behaviors are because they are agitated and what are things that may be symptoms of illness. Remember that reptiles are often solitary animals. Most reptile boarders are familiar with this and will make adjustments as necessary for the comfort of an animal.

If you are not leaving your pet for a very long time, you may not need to provide any food for larger meat eating reptiles, but it is a good idea to take some food in, just in case. Either way, take in the animal’s regular food with detailed instructions on feeding to keep everything as consistent as possible for your animal. If your pet requires medications, you will do the same with those. Also, leave instructions for them for where to go for prescription refills and tell them what brand of food you use and ask what this will mean for you financially, should they need to purchase any extras for your reptile.

Knowing what to expect from the start can help you provide a comfortable stay at the boarder for your pet. Boarding your reptile can be hassle free.