Read About Choosing a Reptile Sitter

Choosing a reptile sitter can be hard for a pet owner if you don’t know the right procedures for finding the right person for the job. If you have to leave your pet, you will want to leave her in the best care possible. Follow the correct steps and you will find the ideal pet sitter for your family.

When you obtain a new pet, there are many things to consider. After all, most people who will need infant daycare begin looking for the right place well before the child’s birth. The same rule should be applied to finding a reptile sitter. When you get your new pet, ask the pet store or breeder you use if they know anyone who does pet sitting for exotics. They will be a great reference to you as you begin your search. You can also ask other reptile owners and veterinarians for a list of quality care providers.

Before you interview, make sure you know the approximate length of time you will be gone. Some pet sitters take on pets for short periods of time while others don’t mind long-term care. The last think you will want is to hire someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy long=term care. Make sure they are comfortable with the arrangement.You have options regarding where your pet will be housed. Sometimes the sitter will prefer to work in your home. If that is the case, would you rather they stayed at your house or just dropped by on a regular schedule? If you have other pets that will require care, in addition to your reptile, see if you can have the sitter provide care for all your animals for one set price. Then you will meet the needs of all your furry, slimy, feathered and scaly loved ones. Make sure you r care provider comes highly recommended with a list of references, no matter which route you take. If you opt for drop-in care, make sure you are specific about how often you need them to come by. If your frog is a baby, he will need to eat at least once a day. If you have an adult Python, he may be happy to grab a rat every few days. Should your sitter want to take the animal to their home, ask to see it.

A pet sitter’s home should be clean and in good order. There ought not to be animal messes or a foul odor. If they house multiple species of animals, does each type have their own area? It will drive your mature King Snake crazy to be placed a few feet from a pair of Gerbils, and just think of how those Gerbils will feel! What added layers of protection are provided for animal safety?

Ask the people you interview what their experience with animals has been. Does she have any formal animal education? If she is used to providing care for cats and your Salamanders begin to gross her out, how will she react and what will she do? Will she use your veterinarian to treat your animal in the event of illness or does she prefer to use her own, and how will that care be paid for? Does she use backup providers if she cannot meet a pet’s needs?

Ask lots of questions when meeting a pet sitter for the first time. It is not enough to have a list of references. As pet lovers we must check those references before we leave our animals in someone’s care. Make sure you are finding the right person when choosing a reptile sitter.