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Safely Transporting Your Reptile

If you plan on taking your exotic pet anywhere you will need to learn about safely transporting your reptile. Start making plans well in advance of any travel you may need to do so nothing will catch you off guard when it is time to go. If you do not have a good reptile reference book, now is a good time to get one. They will have a wealth of information regarding every aspect of pet ownership, including transporting your pet.

To start, it is always a good idea to acclimate an animal to a new situation. That said, consider taking your pet out and getting him used to being transported. The more often his is in a travel carrier or the car, the more comfortable he will be. Start slow and be patient.

Cars and carriers are not natural settings for animals, especially exotics. A larger animal will require a larger enclosure for travel. It can be hard to find carriers made specifically for reptiles, so you can use dog or cat carriers if they are sturdy and escape proof. If your snake or lizard is smaller, you can use a plastic terrarium for their transport, just like you would use for turtles and frogs. There are a lot of them on the market, made for just about every need.

Stress is awful for reptiles and if stressed, there are no guarantees as to their likely behavior. You will need to do everything you are able to provide comfort to your pet. Experts will sometimes recommend that a snake be placed in a cloth bag and tied well in addition to a carrier. The bag will help the snake feel more secure.

If your pet is an aquatic, have an enclosure which will provide enough water to completely submerse the animal. This is an absolute must. Even the smallest of terrariums will hold a reasonable amount of liquid.

Try, while you are driving, to provide the least amount of sudden stops and turns as possible. That can be unsettling to a human passenger who is used to riding in a car, so imagine how a reptile would feel being jerked around. Smooth rides make for happier animals.

If you will be traveling long distances, make sure you have all the health certificates you need specific to your animal’s species. Your veterinarian is the best source of information for this. He will be able to do everything health-wise that you will need and may be able to set you up with another veterinarian on the other end.

Plan ahead in safely transporting your reptile.