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Amphibian Cage Terrarium Set Up

Setting up your amphibian pet's cage correctly is essential to his good health. Here's what you need to know about Amphibian Cage and Terrarium Set Up.

Creating the Perfect Home

Before you set out to purchase an amphibious pet, thoroughly research its needs so you can provide the perfect habitat. Some easy-to-care-for amphibians do well at room temperature but most will require a heating source. A thermal gradient, warmer on one side of the cage than the other, is often best. It's best to mount the heat source outside the enclosure to avoid burns. Mount a wide-range thermometer on each end of the cage for easy temperature monitoring. Completely aquatic pets will require an aquarium set up with a filter. Others need a place to get out of the water and bask.

Lighting is another important factor when preparing your new pet's home. Natural sunlight is the best source for full-spectrum lighting but research your pet's lighting needs to determine if he needs more light.

Terrarium d├ęcor plays an important role as it can help make your pet feel more secure and at home. If you use rocks and sticks you gather yourself, sterilize them completely by baking in a very slow oven for three hours. Seal limbs with varnish to prevent places for sneaky parasites to thrive. Live aquarium plants are a nice addition but be sure the variety you choose is compatible with the terrarium or aquarium conditions. Plant them in small pots to control growth. Keep in mind that herbivorous pets will eat the aquarium plants. Look for fast-growing varieties or opt for artificial plants.