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Small Pet Pulling His Fur

Small pet pulling his fur may well be a sign that your pet is having some health issues. It is not, however, an immediate cause for panic. If you have a small pet pulling his fur and he is a baby, it could simply be that he is teething. If this is the case, then your pet is most likely seeking some relief for his irritated gums. Small baby animals have a natural tendency to nip or bite at their fur during times of teething. If your pet is pulling out large clumps of fur, or if his behavior alarms you, try giving him an age appropriate chew toy. This will give him something solid to teethe on, and hopefully will keep him from attacking his own fur! If this solution does not seem to work for your pet, you may also want to try a mild teething ointment. Before choosing any type of medication, however, you should be sure to consult with your veterinarian.

If you have a small pet pulling his fur and he is not a baby, then you may have to address the possibility of health concerns. If you are concerned about your small pet pulling his fur, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. More than likely, your pet's fur pulling tendencies will not be related to a serious medical problem, but you should have your pet checked out to be certain. One possible explanation for your small pet pulling his fur is that he may have some type of skin condition. If this is the case, your veterinarian will be able to supply you with medication and/or lotion to heal and soothe your pet's skin. In some instances, this problem can be alleviated by the use of special soaps. Another possible explanation for your pet's fur pulling may be that he has a slight infestation of some type of parasite or bug, such as fleas or mites. As with all medical concerns, your animal's health care provider will best be able to make such a diagnosis for you.

If you have ruled out the possibility of health problems or teething, you may want to examine the bathing schedule for your pet. Over-bathing your small pet can cause skin irritations that might lead to abrasions, which can then lead to fur pulling. If you have a small pet pulling his fur, try not to overreact until after you have taken him to see the veterinarian, as chances are the underlying problem will be minor.