Read About Adoptable Ferrets

Adoptable ferrets can make wonderful pets. Here's everything you need to know about adoption.

Adoptable ferrets -- Reasons and Facts

  1. Why Adopt:

    Often adoptable ferrets are full-grown, or close to full-grown. You will be able to tell how large the animal will be, and get a general idea about its temperament and personality.
  2. What Pet to Adopt:

    Choosing which adoptable ferret is right for you depends on your own personality, your family or others who will be around the ferret, and your environment.
  3. When to Adopt:

    Adoptable ferrets are frequently available at animal shelters. Choose a time when you can spend some time with the animal, and when there will be no imminent major disruptions to your environment (e.g., moving, vacation, arrival of a new baby, etc.).

Adoptable ferrets -- Where to Look

  1. Online:

    There are shelters that specialize in adoptable ferrets. An online search may yield a shelter like this, or lead you to other resources near you.
  2. Classifieds:

    While you may be able to find adoptable ferrets through the classifieds, this may not be the ideal forum. Be sure to find out why the previous owner is giving up the ferret, and remember that he or she will only tell you what they want you to know.
  3. Pet Shows:

    Pet shows may be a good place to find adoptable ferrets. You may be able to find out prior to the show if there will be adoption groups attending. If so, try to visit the show when the crowds are thinnest (weekdays, early in the morning may be a good time), to allow you and the shelter groups time to talk.
  4. Local Vet:

    Your local vet may be a good resource for locating groups or individuals who have adoptable ferrets.

Adoptable ferrets -- What to Look For

  1. Pet Temperament:

    Look for a ferret whose personality will mesh well with your own. You may want a mellow, laid back ferret, or a very active and playful one. There is no "right" type of adoptable ferret for everyone.
  2. Pet's Surroundings:

    Find out as much as you can about how the ferret has been raised up to this point, so that you have an idea of any behavioral issues that may not be readily apparent.
  3. Pet's Health:

    Adoptable ferrets should, of course, be in good health. If you have doubts about the health of the ferret, do not go through with the adoption.
  4. What to Avoid:

    Look for adoption groups with a good reputation for caring for the ferrets prior to adoption. Be wary of any organization that does not normally deal with ferrets but who has a few adoptable ferrets.

Adoptable ferrets -- How to Choose

  1. Type of Pet:

    Some groups may have several adoptable ferrets at any given time, others may only have a few. Make sure you are comfortable with the particular animal you select. If you don't feel like you "click" with a particular ferret, wait for another adoption opportunity. There will always be more adoptable ferrets looking for good homes!
  2. Supplies & Equipment:

    The group you adopt the ferret from should be able to provide you with information about the supplies and equipment you will need to keep your ferret happy and healthy.
  3. Expense:

    Some shelters or rescue groups charge a small fee for processing the adoption, others ask that you make a donation to their organization. Overall, the expense of taking in an adoptable ferret is usually much lower than the cost of buying one outright.