Read About Exotic Small Pet Breeds

Exotic small pet breeds can make fun and fascinating companions for informed owners. While some commonly known small pet breeds include hamsters, mice, and guinea pigs, a few of the more exotic small pet breeds include Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Chinchillas, and Short Tailed Opossums.

Sugar Gliders are an affectionate and playful exotic small pet breed that requires a good deal of time and attention. Small nocturnal marsupials, Sugar Gliders native to Australia. For housing, a large vinyl or powder coated cage is best for your Sugar Glider; the taller the cage the better for this species that enjoys climbing. Sugar Gliders also need branches in the cage for climbing, as well as a nest box. Sugar Gliders do well with environments around the same temperatures as humans, and prefer rooms around 65 to 75 degrees.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals covered in brush-like quills. Although usually shy and quiet during the day, Hedgehogs are similar to other exotic small pet breeds; they can usually be tamed by patient human companions and can make fascinating pets. African Hedgehogs are the species of this exotic pet breed most often kept as pets. They are often called African Pygmy Hedgehogs, although they are not truly a pygmy species. African Hedgehogs grow to around six inches in length and weigh only around one pound. They are solitary animals and can be territorial, so keeping more than one Hedgehog in an enclosure is not advised.

Chinchillas are loving and playful pets. Chinchillas are playful animals, but keep in mind that they, like many other exotic small pet breeds, are naturally nocturnal. You may find your Chinchilla isn’t much interested in playing with you during the early parts of the day, but by evening most pet chinchillas are more amenable to human companionship. Chinchillas need plenty of room to move, so a wire cage that has at least 2 square feet of floor space is needed. Chinchillas climb, so the taller the cage, the better. Chinchillas are avid chewers, so a secure cage and careful pet-proofing of any roaming areas is needed.

Short Tailed Opossums are another exotic small pet breed of nocturnal animals that can be tamed fairly easily if raised from a young age. Because they tend to be solitary animals in nature, Short Tailed Opossums should be kept alone rather than in pairs or groups. Although they are marsupials, Short Tailed Opossums do not have pouches.

When considering exotic small pet breeds, it is important to do your homework. Be sure to thoroughly research the species. Whenever possible, talk with other pet owners who live with the species in which you are interested, to get a first-hand perspective on life wit the animal. Although small in size, some exotic small pet breeds can place large demands on their human companions.