Read About Pet Care Rats

Pet Care Rats, and everything you need to know to take the best care of your pet is included in this article. Pet rats are generally not a high maintenance pet, which allows you more time to spend with them.

Pet Care Rats - Health

  1. Inoculations:

    Pet rats do not require regular inoculations.
  2. Vet Visits:

    Rats should be taken to a vet as soon as you think they may be ailing. Time is a critical with rats because it does not take long for an illness to progress to a critical point.
  3. Grooming:

    Rats are very good at cleaning and grooming themselves daily. You need to make sure that their cage is clean and dry.
  4. Pet Proofing Your Home:

    It is important to keep small and dangerous items out of the rat's reach, so that they do not ingest anything harmful to them.
  5. Environment:

    Rats need an environment that is full of stimulation in order to be healthy. By providing tunnels and mazes, you will offer them hours of enjoyment.
  6. Exercise:

    Pet rats can easily become overweight through improper feeding and lack of exercise. Therefore, it is important to provide your rat with many opportunities to exercise. Pet rats should play outside of their cage at least one hour a day for exercise and stimulation.

Pet Care Rats- Food

  1. Type:

    Rats need to have rat or rabbit food with dry biscuits for cats or dogs.
  2. Variety or Always the Same:

    Varying the food types for your rat is fine, as long as their nutritional needs are being met. It is important to supply them with the rabbit or rat food or a mix of both.
  3. Bowls -- Fancy or Plain:

    Your pet rat will not care what type of bowls you use as long as they are being fed, played with, and loved. Their water should be in water bottles and refilled daily for freshness.
  4. Treats:

    When given in moderation, fresh fruits and vegetables make for a wonderful treat for your pet rat.

Pet Care Rats - Temperament

  1. Pet Temperament:

    Pet rats are generally very social and docile.
  2. Pet Socialization:

    If you are going to have multiple rats, it is advised to place them at a young age. They must be of the same sex for cohabitating in the same cage.
  3. Playing With Your Pet:

    It is important for the well being of your pet rat to play with them daily. Rats thrive on human interaction and they do not get enough, they can display poor temperament as a result.
  4. Behavior Problems:

    Pet rats usually do not live well with other households pets, such as cats, dogs, birds, and even other rodents.
  5. Training:

    Rats can be trained to do tricks and even come when called by name.

Pet Care Rats - Supplies

  1. What You Need:

    You will need food, food bowls, a water bottle, a cage and bedding.
  2. What You'll Want:

    You will want to provide your pet rat with plenty of stimulating toys and tunnels or mazes.