Read About Rat Information

Rat Information will tell you that all rats are not pests; some of them can be quite cute and adorable and could be kept as very lovable domestic pets. Everything you need to know is in this article.

Rat Information -- Health

  1. Inoculations:

    Generally, rat diseases cannot be controlled by inoculations. However, you should visit a vet, who will guide you about the inoculations of your particular rat breed.
  2. Vet Visits:

    Rats are small and delicate creatures. You will need to take them to the vet at least once a month. Apart from that, you must visit the vet if you happen to notice any untoward symptoms in your fancy pet rat.
  3. Feeding:

    You can feed rats any of the reputed rat food available in the stores; but take care not to feed them any mice or hamster food. Rat food in the markets is available as mixes or nuggets. Mixes are not preferred as it will make the rat pick at the best portions of the food. Rat food must contain at least 20% protein and must be low in fat.
  4. Grooming:

    Rats do not require much grooming. You can brush its coat a few times a week to keep out parasites.
  5. Pet Proofing Your Home:

    Do not keep any open jars or spaces in the rat's environment. The place where the rats play must be rat-proofed; i.e. they must not contain any electric wires, and not have any spaces where the rat can get stuck in.
  6. Environment:

    Rats must be kept in large wire cages, where they can run and play. There should be proper ventilation inside the cage.
  7. Exercise:

    Rats are playful; you can bring many toys for them. The daily running, chewing and playing will be the enough exercise for these little ones.

Rat Information -- Temperament

  1. Pet Temperament:

    Female rats are more aggressive in nature compared to male rats. But still they like to be in group. They can very adjust well with each other.
  2. Pet Socialization:

    Rats are highly social creatures. It is always beneficial to keep them in company of other rats. Rats like to play with each other, like to groom each other and like to sleep holding each other. If they will kept alone then they won't live that healthy and also will became dull.
  3. Playing With Your Pet:

    You can also see your pet rats playing with each other. If you will spend more time with them, then they will also allow you to touch them. You will get a good intelligent company of rats; it will make your mind fresh.
  4. Behavior Problems:

    Rats will eat almost anything, and that can give rise to some problems in their behavior, when they eat something wrong and refuse to eat any further food. Otherwise, rats are quite playful creatures, if only a bit shy.
  5. Training:

    Rats are intelligent and smart creatures. They can be trained in many tricks. You can train rats to perform several exercises on steps and exercise wheels. Rats will learn a few tricks themselves if these things are placed in their cages.

Rat Information -- Supplies

  1. What You Need:

    You will need a lot of patience and a careful attitude with rats in your house. These are small creatures, and should be let out of the cage only with supervision.
  2. What You'll Want:

    You will want a cage or a terrarium with the proper conditions desirable to a rat, toys for the rat to play and exercise and a supply of quality rat food.