Read About Feed The Birds

To feed the birds is to attract birds to your home. Here's what you need to know about feed the birds.

Why feed the birds?

If you want to attract birds to your home you can always feed the birds. Birds love food and water and will continuously return to an area if they're provided with clean, good sources of food and water. Feeding the birds is helpful to the birds, especially in the winter time when they have a hard time finding food or water that isn't frozen, and is often a relaxing and pleasurable addition to your backyard.

Deciding what to feed the birds

Deciding what to feed the birds shouldn't be that difficult. Most grocery stores have bird seed that attracts different birds. The bird seed packages will tell you which seed attracts which bird. It's a really good idea to read the back of seed packages because you want to make sure to get bird seed that is attractive to the birds that come into your yard. You should also consider buying quality seed. Quality feed will probably be more expensive than other bird food, but it contains seeds and other food that will be more nutritionally beneficial when you feed the birds.

When you're preparing to feed the birds, put your seed in an airtight, waterproof container. This will keep the seed fresh. Seed that is exposed to the elements, particularly water and humidity, will grow mold, which is highly toxic to birds.

Creating a good bird feeding environment

You can provide all of the bird seed you want, but if you do not create an environment that is welcoming to the birds in your area, they will not come eat the seed. The first thing you need to do is create an environment that is predator free. Now, it would be impossible to guarantee that a neighborhood cat doesn’t get in your yard, but you can put up bird feeders that are not cat friendly. A safe environment is an inviting place for you to feed the birds.

Also, in order to bring birds to a place where you can feed the birds, put the bird feeder in a place that is safe from human interaction and household noises. When a bird hears a noise that it is unfamiliar with, such as an opening garage, it will fly away because it doesn’t know if the noise is dangerous. When you have an inviting environment, the seed you buy to feed the birds will get devoured.