Read About Small Pet Cages Containment

Small pets can be cared for in a plain old cage or a fancy colorful habitat. Here's what you need to know about Small Pet Cages for Containment.

Types of Containment

Your small pet can be cared for in a standard cage without any fancy climbing tubes if that's what you prefer. He'll be just as happy as long as you keep the cage clean and dry. A multi-level cage gives your furry friend a place to climb and makes it a little more entertaining to watch him. Of course, there are plenty of colorful plastic habitats with complicated tube-like attachments available out there. They can be fun for small pet owners, especially children, but be sure the habitat you're buying is made for the size pet you're adopting. You don't want to put a full-sized hamster in a habitat built for tiny little mice. Check out your local pet warehouse or go online for a great selection of cages and habitats.

Basic Care

The type of cage you choose for your small pet isn't as important as the way you maintain it. Make sure the cage is spacious enough to allow your pet to exercise. Good ventilation is also important, but keep the cage away from drafts and direct sunlight. Supply your pet with proper bedding, a clean drip-dispenser water container and an exerciser. Keep in mind that little critters love to have places to hide. Try to remove wet bedding once a day and change the bedding once a week.