Read About Exercise Your Small Pet

The majority of small animals rarely run short on energy, thus the decision to exercise your small pet is a wise one. Just like you, your small friend can benefit in a variety of ways from a regular exercise routine. Exercise improves muscle tone, joint flexibility, digestion and cardiovascular fitness. An active lifestyle also aids in the prevention of obesity, which can lead to a myriad of health problems in pets.

Thankfully,Image it is fairly simple to exercise your small pet and only requires that you become familiar with your particular pet’s instinctive proclivity for exercise. Once you have determined your small animal’s activity of choice (running, jumping, climbing, etc.) you will know what accessories are needed to make exercise an enjoyable and natural part of your pet’s healthy lifestyle.

In order to provide the maximum amount of space essential to effectively exercise your small pet, you may want to consider an exercise pen. Your pet will then have ample room in which to get the exercise he needs, plus it is also less likely that he will suffer from the health conditions which can result from being restricted in a small cage. If you choose an exercise pen, it is a good idea to place it in an area with easy-to-clean flooring. You will still need to provide a covered area, such as a cardboard box so that your small pet has a place to retreat for a little privacy.

Since some small animals have the ability to jump quite high and even scale an exercise pen, it is necessary that you always supervise your pet. Even if you assume your small pet is unable to escape the pen, it's still advisable to place it in an area of your home that is fully "pet-proof." This means taking precautionary measures while you exercise your small pet to ensure that the small animal cannot chew on electrical cords, toxic plants, furniture, etc., or that he cannot squeeze into spaces behind furniture or appliances.

When the weather is suitable, you can exercise your small pet and at the same time easily create an outdoor pet paradise by inverting a playpen or the top of a large indoor cage. By moving the pen to a new locationImage each day, your small animal friend can graze on fresh greens. Be mindful of pesticides and weed killers that can poison your pet – don’t let him graze if you spray your yard.

With a little planning, research, and insight into your pet's specific needs and preferences, you can successfully exercise your small pet and choose exercise accessories that provide the entertainment and activity your pet requires to thrive.