Read About Small Pet Exercise

Making sure your pet gets enough exercise is important to his good health. Here's what you need to know about Small Pet Exercise.

Little Pets Love to Run

In the wild, your furry little friend would wander far and wide foraging for food and avoiding predators. Fortunately for your pet, life is a little easier. Just don't make it too easy. For smaller animals like hamsters, gerbils and mice, the best way to ensure they get enough exercise is to place an exercise wheel in their cages. The type you choose is important, though. The safest type offers a solid running surface, not rungs, and attaches to the side of the cage. Rung-style wheels can cause serious injuries. Keep in mind that your pet may run miles each night so test the wheel for squeaks. Give it a squirt of vegetable oil to keep it running smoothly and quietly. Hollow plastic balls are a fun way to allow your petite pal to safely exercise outside his cage.

Larger animals like guinea pigs and rabbits need to get out and run. If you place your pet in a confined area you can line the floor with newspaper to help control the pellets he's sure to leave behind. Take care to conceal all electrical cords as your pet may gnaw on them, causing problems for you and bigger problems for him. Be careful if you choose to take him outdoors to ensure he doesn't nibble on plants treated with pesticides. Giving your pet plenty of opportunities to exercise will keep him happy and healthy.