Read About Small Pet Grooming

Small Pets are fastidious about grooming themselves, so you don't need to do much for them. Here's what you need to know about Small Pet Grooming.

Your small pet is probably shiny and clean with little help from you. Small pets do spend lots of time cleaning themselves, but sometimes they may need a little help from their human parents.

Hamsters, gerbils and mice should need little extra attention when it comes to keeping them well groomed. If you notice your little pet's coat becoming dull or sparse, chances are he's got a skin condition, parasite infestation or underlying health condition. A trip to the vet is in order.

Small animals' nails and teeth should stay trim with all the chewing and scratching they do. Occasionally you may have to trim your pet's nails. If you notice he's not eating well, he favors soft foods, he's drooling or his eyes are tearing, he may have overgrown teeth. Trimming teeth is best left to the professionals.

Larger pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits may benefit from regular brushings and occasional baths. Buy a bristle grooming brush and be gentle as their skin can be fragile. If your pet develops a mat in its coat, carefully work it out over the course of a few brushings or take it to a groomer. Small pets don't need baths very often, and most don't enjoy them, so save the baths for when your pet really needs one. Be very careful about how and where you bathe him since he's likely to try to escape.