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Signs Your Small Pet Has Fleas

Signs your small pet has fleas are fairly easy to detect. While not necessarily life threatening, fleas are definitely irritating for both pets and owners.

Scratching is one of the most obvious signs your small pet has fleas. Fleas live on the pet's skin surface and feed on body fluids, leaving reddish brown specks and wounds in serious infestations. You can easily catch fleas by simple inspection, but the real problem lies in permanently getting rid of them. Aside from scratching, fleas may also cause hair loss and unsightly skin lesions. Moreover, an untreated flea case may lead to serious problems like anemia. Once you see signs your small pet has fleas, never use medications that are prescribed for other animals. Flea powders, flea dips or anti flea and tick shampoos will not sit well with your little pet. You will have to use flea products continuously, usually at least once a month, to make sure that all fleas and their eggs have been killed. Flea combs are suitable for your little pet, though, and can be used in combination to your flea control program. While these medications can also eliminate fleas and eggs in your vicinity, you would also have to thoroughly sanitize your pet's cage, bedding, and your entire house.

Small pet flea control can be done in several ways. Most people choose synthetic chemicals as a way to eliminate signs your small pet has fleas, while others go for the home-remedy types. While there is no one method for everyone, the fact remains that small pet flea control should be carried out continuously to avoid reinfestation.

However, not many are aware that there are regional differences among fleas. Varying temperatures and geographic makeup could influence what works well in one. Consulting a local veterinarian to know how to effectively eliminate signs your small pet has fleas especially during certain seasons will greatly help. Moreover, in some years, flea infestation may be more serious than the previous years. Purchasing small pet flea control without the right info may be a futile activity, so some may not be compatible to your local needs. Note that many small pet flea control products are distributed nationally and may not necessarily fit your local needs.

Lastly, to avoid developing resistance, you should switch your small pet flea control methods every year or so. The longer you use a certain product or method to eliminate signs your small pet has fleas, the less effective it becomes.