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Small Pet Skin Care

It is possible for your furry little friend to develop a skin condition. Here's what you need to know about Small Pet Skin Care.


First and foremost, keep your little critter's cage clean and dry. Remove wet bedding every day and replace the bedding once a week. Wet, dirty cages can lead to skin infections and irritation. Never use cedar shavings as bedding. They may smell nice but the cedar oil can wreck havoc on your rodent's skin, causing irritation and hair loss that can become quite serious. They can also contribute to respiratory problems and should be avoided. Keep your pet's cage away from heating and air conditioning vents to prevent his skin from becoming dry and flaky which will not only make him uncomfortable but more susceptible to infections.

Skin Conditions

If your pet seems to be scratching a lot lately he may have a parasitic infestation. Dry, scaly skin and hair loss can indicate demodectic mange, a nasty-looking problem caused by tiny mites on the skin. Itching around the hindquarters could mean pinworms. A veterinarian visit is required for proper diagnosis and treatment. If the scratching seems minor and he's not experiencing hair loss make sure he's in a draft-free spot.

Rodents are also prone to skin abscesses, especially in the storage pouches in their cheeks where they may experience a skin break that leads to infection. If you notice a bump on his skin or his cheek always appears full, take him to the veterinarian for a look-see. He may need antibiotic to clear the infection.