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Signs Of Small Pet Illness

There are signs of small pet illness that every small pet owner should know. Every pet owner wants a happy and healthy pet. Noticing these signs can help to catch a sickness early and even may save your small pets life. Watch your pet and get to know your pet and these signs will be easy for you to notice right away and not wait until they are feeling too bad.

Many small pets can have kidney disease. Some signs of small pet illness with kidney disease are depression and lethargy. They will also be weak. If you notice that your small pet is drinking and urinating more this is a sign of small pet illness, mainly kidney disease. If your small pet has kidney stones they will have difficulty urinating and when they do urinate it will be very painful. Your small pet will also tend to lose weight and there appetite. All of these signs are good indicators that your small pet has kidney disease. There are also signs that your small pet may have a cold or just may be filling a little under the weather. Their eyes may be dull looking and their fur may be matted. If they are shaking this is a good sign they are not feeling well. Also, with a cold your small pet will have a runny nose and sneezing. Lastly, if your small pet is having diarrhea and vomiting. All of these things are good signs of small pet illness.

When you notice these signs of small pet illness call your vet. Find out if you need to bring your small pet in. Noticing these signs early can save your pets life. It is important to know what to look for to know that your small pet is sick. All of these signs are good indicators for a pet owner but no one knows your pet like you do. You know your pets eating patterns and how active they usually are. You will be able to tell if your pet is acting different and this will be the first sign that they are not feeling good. Since Kidney disease is very common in small pets, learn these signs so that you can catch this early for your pet. The earlier you catch it the faster and easier your pet will get to feel better. For a happy and healthy pet the owner must know, and watch for, these signs of small pet illness.