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Giving Your Small Pet Medicine

There are many challenges that come with the responsibility of pet ownership but giving your small pet medicine can be one of the trickiest. Although giving medicine to a small pet is tricky it is vital to their health. There are tricks and trades that can make this process easier but these small guys can have just as many if your not careful.

There will be times when you will need to give your small pet medicine and it takes creativity. How you choose to give your small pet the medicine depends on if it is liquid or a pill. Let us start with the easier of the two, liquid medicine. In this case you will need to have a syringe or an eye drop. First, squeeze the correct amount of liquid medicine into the syringe or eyedrop. Now, you will need to grab your small pet. With one hand hold your small pet on its back and with the other squeeze the medicine into there mouth. Be sure not to squeeze to fast because this can cause them to choke. The best way would be to put a few drops, let them swallow and then continue. Last, make sure that the medicine was swallowed. When giving your small pet medicine this way some of them can hide it in their cheeks. Be aware of this and make sure they are really taking the medicine. Another way that you can give it to them if it is a liquid medication is by putting it in their water. Be careful becuase if your small pet does not like the taste of the medicine they may not drink the water. This can cause dehydration which is very dangerous in small pets. when giving small pets medicine that is a pill can be more difficult. You can wrap the pill in some sort of treat or peanut butter but sometimes they will eat whatever you have wrapped it in and not the pill. You can also just put the pill in the back of the small pets mouth by the throat, tilt the head back, and rub the throat to promote swallowing. The easiest way to give small pets medicine that is a pill is the break it up and put it in liquid. This way you can put it into a syringe or eye dropper.

There are many ways that you can give small pets medicine and you may even have to try all of them to find out which one works for your little fury friend. Just keep in mind that it can be trick and although it may be frustrating it is what is best for your pet. No one ever said giving your small pet medicine was easy but it is love!