Read About Essential Small Pet Supplies

There are many different kinds of small pets, but they all need some similar essential small pet supplies including cages, food and water.


Small pets should not be allowed to run freely about the house like cats or dogs. This is simply because they are small and can get lost easily or disappear into small areas. Small pets love disappearing under the couch, which is a hard area to get at them. Also, small pets that are on the prowl and left alone to fend for themselves can get into trouble. They may end up chewing on electrical wires and electrocuting themselves. They also may end up being chased by a larger house pet and becoming lunch. The most essential of all essential small pet supplies is the cage because it will keep your pet safe.

Now, what kind of cage should you get? That really depends on the kind of small pet you get. Oddly enough, hamsters and gerbils can live in the same cages that fish can live in. All three of these animals can live in 10 gallon glass fish tanks. Obviously each one needs different essential small pet supplies in their tank to sustain their livelihood.

Birds, on the other hand, need cages that give them mobility. It’s best to put a small bird in a cage that has bars that run vertically and horizontally because your bird will be able to climb on the cage, which is a form of exercise. Regardless of the kind of small pet you get, essential small pet supplies must include a cage.

Food and water

Your small animal will not live for very long if it doesn’t have food and water. Again, because there are so many different small animals, these two essential small pet supplies depend on the kind of animal you have. Hamsters, for example, need to be fed twice a day. They’re easy to feed and you can get a hamster food mix at any pet store. They also like to have fresh fruits and vegetables. When you give your hamster new food, give him just a little bit to see if he likes it. If he does, give him some more.

Water is another one of the essential small pet supplies for hamsters and other small pets. For gerbils and hamsters the safest and easiest way to give them water is by hanging a water bottle in their cage. Water bottles should be securely hung from the cage so they do not hit the hamster. They should also be high enough that they don’t touch the litter, but low enough that the hamster can easily reach it. A water bottle that is too close to the litter can contaminate the water.

Before you get your small pet, do a little research to find out the specific essential small pet supplies your new pet will need.