Read About Helping Your New Small Pet Adjust

Helping your new small pet adjust to his new environment will calm your pet’s nerves and make him more relaxed.

Prepare the environment

Do not go to the pet store, buy a hamster on a whim, buy a cage, get home and then just throw him in the cage. Animals do not like sudden change. When you purchase your animal and bring him home, he will feel stress. Helping your new small pet adjust is your job and you need to do it well.

The first step in helping your new small pet adjust is preparing yourself and you family for the new pet. Sit down with your family and make sure you have the time, desire and resources to care for a new pet. Decide which pet you can best support. Then, buy the supplies you’ll need for your pet and set them up before you bring your pet home. As we mentioned before, your pet will feel stress. Keeping him in a cardboard box while you set up his new environment will not put him at ease. Putting him in a well set up cage soon after you get home will.

Let your pet relax

When you first bring an animal home, he’s already had enough stimulation for the day. Taking him out and playing with him is not a good component of helping your new small pet adjust. In fact, taking a pet out of his new cage and playing with him too soon is like taking a small kid across country and then expecting him to immediately entertain relatives. He’s going to be crabby, tired and annoyed. This will increase the chances of him biting you or one of your family members.

Helping your new small pet adjust means letting him spend a few days in his cage. Obviously you can’t take all small pets out of their cages. However, if you can, resist the urge and let him sit in his cage for a few days. This will let him get used to his environment as well as your house.

Keep other animals away from your new pet

Introducing your new small animal to other pets is a terrible and dangerous way to help your pet adjust. Helping your new small pet adjust means making him feel at ease. He will not feel at ease if he meets your cat or dog. This will make him afraid because he knows that they are predators. You should keep your larger animals away from your small pet at all times, but you should be especially cognizant of keeping them separate when you first bring your small pet home.

Helping your new small pet adjust will help build a strong relationship between you and your pet.