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Choosing an Adult or Young Small Pet

Choosing an adult or young small pet is a personal decision and can be made by weighing the pros and cons of each.

The advantages of an old pet

When choosing an adult or young small pet, think about your needs. A huge advantage to owning an older small pet is that older small pets that have been cared for, have already been trained. This may mean that your bird already knows how to talk or your hamster has learned not to bang on its water bottle against its cage at night. However, because small pets are not left to roam around the house, this advantage isn’t always a huge draw for small pet owners.

An adult pet also doesn’t live as long as a younger pet. For some pet owners this can be a good thing. For others, this would be a reason not own an adult pet. Choosing an adult or young small pet is a personal choice, but one quality of adult small pets is that they already have developed personalities. Again, this can be a pro or con to owning an adult small pet. It’s an advantage if the adult small pet has a good, kind personality. It’s not so good if the adult is kind of grouchy. With adult small pets what you see is what you get so if you don’t like the pet’s personality, don’t get him.

The best thing about choosing an adult or young small pet is that you can save a life if you buy an adult small pet. Most people prefer younger small pets so older small pets get left behind. Sometimes older small pets that are taken into small pet rescues have to be exterminated. Choosing an adult small pet could mean you’re saving a life.

The advantages of a young pet

Choosing an adult or your small pet can be an easy choice for pet owners that want to train their own animal. Young pets are much, much easier to train than older pets. Buying a young bird or a young hamster or gerbil will give you the opportunity for you to train the pet according to your specifications. Young pets also get used to being handled by their owners and are less likely to bite than an older small pet that hasn’t had much human contact.

Another distinct advantage to owning a young pet is that typically young pets live longer than older pets. Young pets also tend to be more playful. Pets are fun to watch and watching younger pets play together can be quite entertaining. When choosing an adult or young small pet this is a good thing to keep in mind.

Choosing an adult or young small pet can also be a reproductive choice. Adult pets that haven’t been neutered or spayed can reproduce right away. Younger small pets can’t reproduce right away. Choosing an adult or young small pet is a personal choice and should be made according to whatever best suits your family.