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Which Small Pet to Get

Choosing which small pet to get is really a personal choice. Before you choose any small pet, make sure you have the time, resources and inclination to take care of your new pet.

Having a hamster

Hamsters are highly recommended for first time pet owners or families with children. They are friendly animals and are relatively easy to care for. They’re also hardy, but don’t live as long as cats and dogs so they don’t require quite the time commitment that larger animals require. When choosing which small pet to get, put hamsters at the top of your list because they’re great.

This small pet is a great choice when choosing which small pet to get because they’re usually pretty social and fun to play with. When you’re about to buy a hamster, ask to hold several of them. Like people, hamsters have different personalities. You do not want to get a hamster that is hostile or uptight. Hamsters with these personality types will be more likely to bite. Pick a hamster that is friendly and curious. When you bring him home, gradually introduce him to new family members. When hamsters get scared, they will bite and their bites can hurt.

Getting guinea pigs

When choosing which small pet to get, don’t forget to include guinea pigs. Guinea pigs live about three times as long as hamsters. This is nice, especially if you have little kids that don’t really understand death. Guinea pigs tend to be a little bit more passive than hamsters, which is great for small kids. They’re also bigger and can be easier to pick up than tiny hamsters.

Guinea pigs are pretty entertaining because they make a little squeaking noise. Hamsters can make noise too, but they’re not as vocal as guinea pigs. When choosing which small pet to get, carefully consider how many animals you want to get. If you only want one animal, opt for a hamster. Guinea pigs get lonely quickly and prefer to be with other guinea pigs.

The advantage of buying a fish

When choosing which small pet to get, think about your capability as a pet owner. If you do not have a lot of time or money to devote to an animal, but you want a companion, consider buying a fish. Fish entertain themselves and they don’t like to be handled. They’re pretty independent and like to be left alone so they’re good pets for a hands-off pet owner. When choosing which small pet to get, fish are great because all they need is a clean tank, food and a few places to hide.