Read About Choosing a Small Pet Breed

Choosing a small pet breed is the first step in becoming a responsible pet owner.

Be choosey

This may sound rather obvious, but when choosing a small pet breed, don’t be afraid to be choosey. Choosing a small pet breed that will not suit your family or your family’s needs could prove to be disastrous for you and your pet.

Sometimes families get really excited about buying a new pet (and rightly so), but they forget that a pet is a living thing and will have many needs. When choosing a small pet breed, it’s important not to get caught up in the moment. It’s better to step back and think about the consequences of your decision before you pull the trigger. For example, if you’re walking through the mall and your daughter starts using her big puppy dog eyes to beg you to buy a hamster, don’t do it. It’s always good to think about what the animal will need and how much time and money you’re going to have to invest in its livelihood before you agree to buy the pet.

Some Ideas

There are all kinds of small pets that you can buy. When choosing a small pet breed, think about what you can offer the pet. If you have a large yard, have a lot of time to spend training an animal and don’t travel very often, you might want to consider buying a small dog.

Since most families don’t have a whole lot of time, it might be a good idea to start smaller. Choosing a small pet breed that isn’t very high maintenance is usually a good first pet choice for a family. Gerbils are good small pets. They certainly don’t require as much attention as a small dog. They also live in a contained area, which makes it much easier to take of them, clean up after them and look after them. Unlike dogs, gerbils don’t have a super long life span. You don’t need to make a more than 10 year commitment to a gerbil like you do to a dog.

Animals to avoid

Unfortunately, there are some small pets that should be avoided when choosing a small pet breed that interacts with young children. Ferrets, chinchillas, prairie dogs and hedgehogs are not good pets for kids. These animals aren’t bad animals, they just have a tendency to be temperamental or skittish, which may cause them to bite the child.

Families with children might also want to avoid choosing a small pet breed that includes a reptile. Reptiles are cool animals, but they carry salmonella in their feces. Children aren’t always the most diligent about cleaning a pet’s cage or washing their hands, which can cause this disease to spread.

Every family’s different and choosing a small pet breed is a personal decision. Just remember to some time and do some research before choosing a small pet breed.