Read About Ferret Breeders Info

Ferret Breeders breed quality ferrets, which people can keep as pets. Here's everything you need to know about these breeders.

Ferrets Breeders -- Breeder Facts

  1. Professional Affiliations:

    All ferret breeders must be affiliated with the American Ferret Association (AFA).
  2. Why Use a Breeder:

    If you purchase a ferret from a ferret breeder who is properly affiliated with the AFA, then you can be assured of getting ferrets with good physical features and of comfortable temperaments.
  3. How to Find:

    The internet is a good source to learn about ferret breeders. Even pet magazines and ferret magazines are helpful in searching for ferret breeders. Your vet will also give you information on reputed ferret breeders in the area.
  4. What to Expect:

    Ferret breeders will want to know details about you and your family, i.e., how many members in your family, other pets in the home, and your income. You will have to fill a form.
  5. Breeder's Surroundings:

    Breeders must have ferrets in wire cages rather than glass cages. Ferrets must be kept in hygienic surroundings or they will get easily affected by diseases.

Ferrets Breeders -- Newborn Facts

  1. Average Number of Newborns Delivered at Birth:

    Ferrets can give birth to three to four young ones in one litter.
  2. Age To Be Sold:

    After the age of seven weeks, ferrets can be sold, but not before that. The ferrets cannot be weaned before this age, or the repercussions will be life-lasting.
  3. What to Look For in a Newborn:

    The ferret must have glossy fur. Do not buy a ferret with matted fur as it is surely a sign of illness. Select ferret babies that are brown or black in color. Avoid ferrets with green color; it may indicate the presence of a disease called ECE. It is better if you can have their vet check done before buying.
  4. Registry:

    Ferrets must be registered with the American Ferret Association (AFA).
  5. AKC Recognized Characteristics:

    Ferrets are not recognized by AKC.
  6. Expense to Purchase Newborn:

    Breeders will charge $150 to $250 for a newborn ferret.
  7. Dam and Sire Information of your Newborn:

    Ferret breeders must be able to give you the parental information of ferrets so that you can be very well aware of the diseases in their bloodline.

Ferrets Breeders - Breeder Concerns

  1. Breeder Reputation:

    Breeders must be reputed and must have their bred ferrets registered with the AFA. You can obtain information from the AFA's client lists regarding the breeder.
  2. Pet Health:

    Ferrets can suffer from the contagious viral disease ECE, which can cause severe diarrhea and even death. They are also prone to adrenal gland tumors and intestinal blockages.
  3. Assurances:

    Ferret breeders must provide you with all kinds of information on the ferret -- general and related to health. They must give guarantees for its health. Make sure the breeder can take the ferret back if you are unable to keep it.