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Small Pet Rescues

Small pet rescues act as a safe haven for small animals that are lost or have been mistreated.

Why do we need small pet rescues

We need small pet rescues for the same reason we need animal shelters. They help animals who cannot fend for themselves. Animal shelters take in larger animals that have been abused or have somehow gotten lost or abandoned. Small pet rescues do the same for hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and other small pets. Some small animal shelters take small dogs, but this isn’t really common.

Finding small pet rescues

Finding small pet rescues can be a little more difficult than finding larger animal shelters. In fact, communities that have large animal shelters may not have small pet rescues. To find out if your area has a pet rescue, look up “pet rescue” in your local phone book. If you can’t find a shelter near you, use the Internet. Many times you won’t be able to find one in your area, but you can call a large animal shelter and ask if they can direct you to a small pet rescue.

Many small pet rescues are none profit, which means that they are not trying to make a profit off the animals that they sell. This is a nice feature for the pet owner as well as the shelter. It helps the shelter move animals quickly and allows pet owners to walk away with animals they might not otherwise be able to afford. When you’re working with a non-profit small animal rescue, you know the people really care about the pets because all the money the shelter receives goes to the pets, not corporate pockets.

Adopting from small pet rescues

Small pet rescues work a little differently than large animal rescues. For starters, people don’t usually find lost chinchillas wandering around the city like they might a lost dog. One reason is that these animals constantly live in cages and if they escape, they’re probably milling about the house. Secondly, because these animals are so small and defenseless, they have many predators and don’t last very long if they get out of the house.

That being said, one advantage to small pet rescues is that they often get babies. Many families will bring by entire litters of rats or guinea pigs. Usually it’s because they weren’t planning on having a litter and don’t have anywhere to put the pets. People love to adopt baby animals because they’re cute and they don’t need to be retrained like adults.

When you adopt animals from small pet rescues, you’re going to have to pay a small fee for the animal. Usually you get a per animal discount if you buy the animals in pairs. This is because the rescues usually have a lot of animals and like to find good homes for as many animals as possible. You’ll also pay a little more ($10-$15) for pets that have already been spayed or neutered. You should really consider buying a spayed or neutered animal so that you don’t end up taking a litter of small animals to small pet rescues!