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Gifts for a Small Pet

Pets become members of our family as soon as they move in with us and most of us love to provide them with tokens of our affection for them, but how do you know what are the best gifts for a small pet?

When you are looking into gifts, think about what type of pet you have. If you have a rodent, your pet’s gifts will be very different from that you would give a fish or a reptile. If you don’t already have one, get a good reference book for your pet’s species and read up on what types of activities animals like yours enjoy. The last thing you would want is to invest in something hoping your pet will love it and see her never use it.

If you are just looking for something nice to give your pet “just because,” you are likely not looking to make a huge investment. You can pick up inexpensive gifts for your pet just about anywhere. These can range from the most simple chew toy made of a chew-safe material to a seeded treat stick wrapped in rawhide. Pet safe mirrors are a great option for bird owners. Reptile fans can opt for a new hollowed out log. Playful animals like ferrets would love balls that make crackle sounds or are filled with catnip.

If you are looking for a nice mid-line gift for your pet, consider something that might take some homework on your part. Rodents would love a dig box (especially ferrets) filled with a chew safe material to burrow in and disappear for a while. Your iguana might enjoy a new mini tree in his enclosure for climbing, lounging and hiding. Smaller rodents love rodent balls and cage accessories. Bird owners could consider a cage addition style bird bath.

Special occasions warrant special gifts. Birthdays, welcome home anniversaries, religious holidays and the like are great opportunities to upgrade your pet’s toys or cage. More upscale gifts include larger cages or additions to cages. When you are purchasing, make sure that you are buying quality items with great workmanship and durability. Don’t forget to get a cage that is designed for your animal and is size appropriate. Higher end can include special perches made of a variety of materials, including specialty woods and metals. Another great option is a cat tower and not just for cats. Ferrets love to explore and a cat tower would fill his days with lots of play time.

When you are looking to provide gifts for your pets, be informed, know your budget and always strive for quality. If you are prepared you will know what the best gifts are for a small pet.

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