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Small Pet ID Tags

Who hasn’t had a Houdini-style pet escape and wished they had a small pet ID tag on their family friend? We all worry about our pets and what might happen if they were to get out. Ultimately, the best thing to do is be prepared and make sure we identify our pets.

Pet ID tags have evolved over recent years and now encompass a huge portion of the pet care market. Obviously, responsible pet owners strive to have their pets as easily identifiable as possible, forcing pet merchandise retailers to follow that trend. What once were huge noisy chunks of metal which hung off the collar of your dog are now smaller and more streamlined to suit the needs of non-traditional pets.

The fabrication of small pet ID tags has evolved as well. Most ID tags from the past are an aluminum alloy, perfect for stamping rabies information or the contact number for the pet’s owner and veterinarian. Often times, they were special order items which took weeks to arrive. They were costly and a pain to deal with. Now, many ID tag makers have begun to use lighter and more attractive materials which add another layer of protection to pets. New plastics and alloys are now reflective and/or glow in the dark. Smaller pets need smaller tags so they won’t be cumbersome to the animal.

Many owners are seeking tags with added flair to suit their personality, or that of the pet. After all, most rabbit owners don’t really want a bone shaped tag on their little Snowball. And, don’t forget, Snowball is a rodent, which means she likes to chew. Rabbits also don’t generally wear traditional pet collars. Taking that into consideration, your non-traditional small pet may need a harness designed for the type of animal they are, and a tag they can’t destroy by chewing.

Any pet which can escape (which is any pet that breathes) needs identification. Check with your veterinarian to find the best type of ID tag for your animal. There is a whole world of small pet ID tags out there, so look into them and love your animal enough to make sure the world knows who loves him most.

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