Read About Choosing a Small Pet Kennel

Choosing where you are going to leave your beloved pet is an important decision. There are many places you can find lists of kennels for your small pet, but finding the best one will take a bit of work.

There are two types of kennels; the basic care kennel and the upscale frilly kennel. You need to decide if basic care is all your pet needs or if you want to invest in the extras such as, daily walks, baths before return, pick up and delivery, toys and special bedding. All of the extras will cost more so it is important to check costs. Once you have decided on your type it is time to choose a kennel.

First, start by asking around for a recommendation. Friends and family are a good place to start. Usually the people you know and trust will give you the best leads on services for your pet. If this doesn’t work, ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.

Second, you can go to the American Boarding Kennels Association and search their website for member kennels. Membership requires that kennels agree to a code of ethics in the operation of their kennel. This is a good place to start your search, but not a definite. Remember, to be a member you agree to a code and pay a fee. There is nothing that guarantees that a kennel is all you want it to be without you checking it out for yourself.

Once you narrow down your choices, you need to visit the kennel. This is an important step to take before deciding. Do not just go on ads, recommendations or gut; you need to visit the location. Call to make an appointment a few weeks before you intend to leave. Go mid-week; they are usually very busy on Monday and Friday either taking in animals or returning them to their owners. When you enter the kennel your first impression is very important. The kennel should smell clean. There should be no sour smell caused by stale urine or feces. You want to get a general feeling of clean from the kennel. Do not expect immaculate, after all they are boarding pets there, but it should be general clean and well kept. Check the runs to see if they are clean and maintained. Look for safety hazards for your pet.

The kennel has passed the clean test, now talk to the employees. Make sure you get a good feeling from the staff. It is important they really show how much they care about pets. You need to feel comfortable leaving you baby at their facility. Ask questions about the number of staff and their interaction with your pet. Don’t just ask questions, but make sure to give them information about your pet as well. If your pet doesn’t eat for two days after you leave, if he barks like mad, or doesn’t take to a lease, make sure the staff knows and ask them how they deal with such difficulties. The more information they have about your pet, the better they will be able to care for him.