Read About Boarding Your Small Pet

Boarding your small pet can be a harrowing experience. The idea of leaving your baby with anyone can make planning a dream trip a nightmare. Spending a little time on research can make this decision easier on both of you.

The first place you should look is to your friends and family. Being able to leave your small pet with someone you know and trust will take a load off of your mind. If this is not a possibility the next place to turn is your veterinarian. Many vets will have lists of boarders. They will also be able to tell you if they accept your pet species.

If your veterinarian doesn’t have any leads, it is time to hit the internet or phone book. Many people believe that kennels will only board cats and dogs, but there are boarders for all types of small pets. Try to find a kennel that specializes in your pet’s species. If your pet is skittish, being mixed with other animals may aggravate the situation. A kennel that takes other pets but specializes in cats and dogs may not have the knowledge to realize if your pet is ill. This is why your vet may be a great resource.

Make appointment to visit the location. Do not just go by the phone call or your gut. Go to each location and look around. Look for cleanliness first and foremost. Next, be sure there is an area for your small pet to get exercise. Ask questions; once you leave town you don’t want to be worried about your beloved small pet.

Once you have chosen a kennel and scheduled the boarding, find out what the kennel suggests and allows for you to bring. You will probably be allowed to bring specific food and special toys. Bedding will depend on the location along with whether or not they will let you bring your small pet’s cage. If your pet’s cage is allowed, this will make the transition easier for your pet. Most small pets need to nest and make their own bedding try to find a location that will accommodate this need in your pet. This is the location your small pet is most comfortable. Making your pet secure is your main concern.

When it comes to finding someone to care for your small pet you have many allies. Try friends, family and veterinarians for help and referrals. If you do have to board your pet, be sure and do your homework. It will make you and your pet more relaxed and comfortable.