Read About Choosing Air Travel Supplies

When choosing air travel supplies you need to take into account not only safety, but also comfort. The more comfortable your pet is the better the trip.

There are very few products that you need when traveling by air. When everything goes well, travel by air is the quickest way to get from one place to another. The most important supply, of course, is the small pet carrier. If your airline allows you to carrier your pet onboard, you will not be allowed to remove your pet from the carrier while in flight. Most airports will also enforce this rule within the airport itself. This eliminates the need for food and water in-flight, but you want to make sure to have both of these things available once you land. You will want to check on your pet as soon as you are outside the airport in an area where they allow you to remove your pet from the carrier. You will want to offer food and water and check for any possible injury from the flight. Maybe offer them a special treat to help calm them. This is true whether you have him onboard with you or in the cargo area of the plane.

As far as supplies needed for in-flight, bring something familiar and soft to place in the carrier. Usually, a toy or maybe a piece of an old t-shirt that smells like you, are comforting. It is vital to bring a cover for the carrier, if your pet is a bird or an animal that is sensitive to the site of odd surroundings. Make sure to bring a packet of wipes along. In a pinch this will work to clean the carrier if your pet becomes air sick or has an unexpected accident.

Most small animals should not fly cargo, but some airlines only provide pet transportation in this manner. If your small pet is going cargo, you need a sturdy, USDA approved crate. Just like pets flying onboard, bring something familiar and soft to place in the crate. Bring a small supply of your pet’s food with bowls and feeding instructions. If you are delayed or your pet gets lost, the airport personnel can feed your pet.

There is not much that needs to be taken when flying with your small pet. Choosing the correct items, however, is very important to your pet’s safety and comfort.