Read About Safe Small Pet Truck Travel

Obviously, you would not place your bird, ferret or hamster cage in the bed of your truck, but would you place your pet carrier in an open truck bed?

Many pet owners feel that a pet in a carrier is safe in the bed of a truck. Yes, it is much safer than having your pet ride in the bed without restraint. Many pets are killed each year either from falling / jumping out of the bed of a truck or by being hit by road trash. It is important that no pet, no matter their size, ride free in the back of a truck. The problem with a pet carrier is simple, wind velocity. The velocity and the air mass being shot through their little lungs is too high and will cause damage over time. Basically, no matter the pet, keep them inside.

The best place for your pet would be in the back seat. If your truck has a second row or seats or even an area behind the seats where he can be restrained, this would be the safest route. If this is not an option and your pet must ride in the front seat, turn off the passenger side airbag. As with small children, a small pet can be injured or even killed were the airbag to deploy.

There are several in car restraint systems to choose from depending on your pet size, vehicle size and preference. A small pet carrier is always a good option. They come in various sizes and materials. Most are cushioned so your pet remains safe in any circumstance. Carriers are also good because they are familiar to your pet and allow for a sense of security. You can also place a favorite toy inside to help ease your pet.

Another option is a strap restraint. Care needs to be taken when choosing one of these for a small pet because many of them are not safe for pets less than 15 pounds. These are beneficial because they can be used in conjunction with your current seat belts.

The last option is a booster seat. There are many sizes and styles. Some fit over your center console in the front seat. Others are elevated platforms or boxes. All of these have a belt restraint system.

There are several options to keep your small pet safe while traveling in your truck. With a little research and time you will be able to choose the perfect option for you and your pet.