Read About Small Pet Car Restraints

Traveling with a pet can be enjoyable, but also takes responsibility on our part. Most of us look at our pets as a part of our family. We wouldn’t consider riding in a car without securing ourselves or our children in a proper seat restraint. So why do so many pets ride in our laps, back windows and with their heads stuck out the window? Pets, like humans, can be seriously injured or killed in car accidents. This is why it is important to find a proper fitting restraint for your pet to use while riding in the car.

Small pets need different types of car restraints. Most pets under 15 pounds will not be able to use the regular strap harness. The good news is that there are alternatives. The important step is finding the right one. It may take a little research and time, but in the end knowing that your pet is safe will be well worth the effort.

Many small pets feel insecure when they cannot see out the windows. There are several types of booster seat car restraint systems that can be used if your pet needs to be constantly looking out the window. Some are shaped like little padded boxes, some are elevated platforms and yet others are shaped to fit on the console between the front seats. All of them include a restraint system so your pet is safe. These are great because your pet stays close to you and is able to see. Both allow for your pet to feel more comfortable and secure.

Seat belt harnesses are also an option as long as the harness comes in a small size. The harness is used to restrain your pet in the back seat. When choosing this alternative, check the sizes to ensure that they are made small enough for your pet. Many of them do not work for pets less than 15 pounds.

Your last alternative is a pet carrier. They are made in several sizes and come in various materials. Most of these are padded to keep your pet safe if you stop short or if there is an accident. The great thing about carriers is they can act as a safe, secure and reassuring place for your pet. If your pet also uses this carrier at home, it will act as a security blanket while away from home. Placing items from home inside the crate will add to the level of security. We always placed a scrape of an old t-shirt that smelled like my husband in the carrier. Our pet would curl up with it and carry it around once we got to our destination. I believe it really helped our pet’s transition while away from home.

Do your research and choose what is best for your pet’s personality. Keeping your pet safe is the top priority, but doing it while keeping your pet happy will ensure a smooth trip…at least where your pet is concerned.