Read About Small Pet Friendly Accommodations

Due to more travelers wanting to include their pets in their travels, there are a large number of hotels and motels that allow small pets within their locations. Some not just allow the pets, but welcome them with little pet extras. The main step that needs to be taken prior to travel is a little planning and a quick phone call. Do not just go by the company website if staying at a chain. Some hotels have changed their policies due to experiences with pets and may no longer allow your small pet, or may allow pets, but not specific pets. Checking in advance will save problems later.

Many chains welcome pets, among those are AmeriSuites, Homestead Hotels, Kimpton Hotels, Choice Hotels, Rodeway Inns, Shilo Inns, Redroof Inn and Shoney’s Inns. Four Seasons’ and The Ritz accept small pets only. All of these hotels charge a fee do not allow your pet to be in the room unaccompanied and some require a certificate from your veterinarian stating they are flea, tick and parasite free.

Some chains not only accept your pet, but pride themselves on pampering your pet during their stay. Sheraton, W, and Westin hotels all go the extra mile. These hotels will pamper your pet with luxurious custom pet beds and other amenities, such as floor mats, food bowls, ID tags, and more.

Lowes hotels have a special program, “Lowes Loves Pets”. Each guest that checks in with their small pet will receive a personal welcome note from the manager along with details of the pet program. Included in this note are vet services, walking routes, pet shop and grooming locations, pet attractions, pet friendly restaurants, and pet sitters. There is also special bedding, a complementary bag of goodies and toys, special pet place mats with food and water bowls, and a special "Do Not Disturb" sign. Pets have their own room service menu. They also include a “Did You Forget Closet” that includes several helpful pet supplies, kitty litter, pooper scoopers, etc.

Many believe that a bed and breakfast would never allow pets, but this is changing too. With a little research you can find a location that will accept and even welcome your beloved small pet. A great site to find a location that will make you and your pet comfortable and welcome is This website allows to search, US, Canadian and international locations. These include hotel chains, bed and breakfasts, cabins and cottages, vacation rentals ski resorts and campgrounds.

The options are limitless for travel accommodations that include your small pet. A little research and a quick phone call will ensure a smooth check in at your chosen accommodation. So many people will not leave home with out their little baby; it is not surprising that most locations are willing to welcome you along with your small pet.