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Read About Acrylic Bird Cage

Choosing an acrylic bird cage is a big decision. Aside from choosing the bird itself, it is the next important decision you will have to make. Your bird should be able to move and play comfortably in any cage that you choose. It also needs to be a safe place for him to rest, grow and play. Here's everything you need to know about buying an acrylic bird cage.

When it Comes to Birds: Remember Safety is First

The most important feature you want to look for in a cage is safety. The cage should be sturdy, rough, tough, durable and made from lead-free products that are safe for your bird. Bar spacing is also very important because you don't want your bird getting stuck between the bars or being able to slip between them either. An acrylic bird cage meets all of those specifications and can be especially good cages for small breeds of birds.

Considering Size

Size is a huge consideration to factor in when deciding on what cage to buy. Will it be the right fit and style for your bird and will it fit in the allotted space you have in your home? Though an acrylic bird cage is a popular choice for smaller birds, it is not a wise choice for larger birds like Amazon birds and the African Greys. The reason for this is that their large claws can damage the acrylic and easily scratch the surface to create an unsightly and possibly unsafe cage. You don't want your pet bird to swallow pieces of the acrylic either.

The other thing to consider when choosing an acrylic bird cage is how it will fit in your home. Keep in mind that it will become a big part of your home decor and you should find a good spot for the cage where the bird will be able to get plenty of attention but also have the option of having some quiet time.

Reasonable and Functional

One reason why the acrylic bird cage is a popular choice for small bird owners is that they are reasonably priced and readily available at pet stores, discount stores and online. They are also functional and innovative. They can be custom made to your specific measurements at a higher price. Often the most beautiful wood cages are protected in an acrylic coating for protection and durability. An acrylic bird cage is also fairly easy to clean.