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Read About Antique Bird Cage

An antique bird cage can bring a unique look and feel to your home, but it is important to consider how safe the cage would be for your bird. Here's everything you need to know about housing your pet bird in an antique bird cage.Safety Concerns for Housing Your Pet in an Antique Bird Cage

The number one concern with using an antique bird cage is the toxicity. Lead and zinc pose a huge risk for your bird. Whether your bird scrapes at the cage bars with his beak or climbs on them with his feet, he is at risk of being poisoned. So what may seem like the most darling cage for your pet bird may be very dangerous for him and it may not be something a simple coat of paint can cure. If you do insist on using an antique bird cage to house your bird, make sure you properly clean and disinfect all parts of the cage and any accessories in it.

The other reason not to use an antique bird cage as a pet home is because most are not big enough to create a comfortable home for your pet. If the cage is not an adequate size, you will not have a healthy, happy bird. So take this into consideration when buying an antique bird cage too.

Alternate Uses for an Antique Bird Cage

If an antique bird cage catches your eye, think about restoring it, giving it a new coat of paint and filling it with plants or flowers to spruce up your home or garden. This way you can enjoy the beauty of the piece without endangering your bird.

Not Quite an Antique Bird Cage

The nice thing is that these days you can buy a nice looking cage that has an antique look to it, even though it is brand new. You can even have one custom made to resemble one you have your heart set on. This can allow you to create the look you want without posing a risk to your pet bird. Reproductions can also get you the look you want with killing your budget.

Where to Find an Antique Bird Cage

Antiques are often rare and pricey items. If you keep your eyes open you might be able to find a diamond in the rough at a flea market or a garage sale. Even if it isn't in mint condition it could be well worth it to buy it and make it a project to restore the antique bird cage. Another place to look for an antique bird cage is eBay.