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Read About Baby Birds

Baby birds need special attention from their parents for the first few weeks of life. Here's everything you need to know about the growth and development of a baby bird.

A Hatching Bird

Baby birds can take several days to actually break free from the egg. They start by making a small circular crack and continue to push outward for a few days until the egg shell loosens up a bit. It finally pushes its way out head first. Depending on the type of it bird it is, it may or may not have feathers and may or may not be able to see at first. Either way, most baby birds are dependent on a parent or caregiver to care for them, feed them and teach them life-saving techniques to getting by in the wild.

Following Their Natural Instincts

Baby birds are born with a distinct set of natural instincts. This includes the instinct to survive and the instinct to fly. Some are born with the natural instinct to swim and can do so from the moment of birth. Though it takes some practice to master the skill of flying, with a little support from the parents and lots of trial and error, a baby bird can take flight within a matter of weeks. By four weeks most baby birds are able to take off in any direction and fly completely on their own.

The Needs of a Baby Bird

Baby birds rely on their parents for the first weeks of life to protect them. They depend on them to gather food, feed them, protect them from predators and teach them skills like flying, swimming and hunting for food. They also need a safe place to rest. The parents work together to build a nest as a safety zone for the baby bird. They also work to keep the baby birds warm. If you happen to find a baby bird in your yard, it is important to reunite the baby bird with his family. If the parent bird isn't in the immediate area, you can help the bird by creating a makeshift nest out of leaves and grass, keep him warm and place him in a tree near the spot you found him. The parents should be near enough to find him again and can take over caring for him. Baby birds should not be handled too much or taken from their natural environment.