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Read About Audubon Birds

There are more than 700 species of birds regularly spotted and recorded in North America. The species of birds are diverse and include land, sea and flight birds. John James Audubon drew pictures of, painted and wrote about more than 500 of these birds. Here's everything you need to know about Audubon birds.

John James Audubon

John James Audubon was a naturalist who made stunningly accurate and artistic paintings of Audubon birds from across North America. He studied these birds in their natural surroundings, whether in a heavily wooded area, in the water or in the air. He captured these birds in their natural habitat and drew realistic and captivating pictures of them. His paintings have been formed into a collection, paired with written descriptions of each bird in the species, and put together in alphabetical order for ease of use. It makes a great tool for studying Audubon bird species and is a great resource for the avid bird watcher. His paintings are lively, rich, dramatic and telling. He even captures the look and emotions of the birds, despite the fact that many of these birds were not easy to spot and were not likely to sit still in order to be painted. His ability to capture them in their true nature is what distinguishes Audubon birds.

The Audubon Society

There is a society that tracks Audubon birds. The Audubon society has local groups and centers throughout the United Sates. They have identified more than 800 bird species to this day and they work to protect the species that are at the greatest risk of extinction. They serve to educate the public about the birds and how we can help save them. Periodic updates are regularly provided on birds that have been sighted. This society is a great starting point for a novice bird watcher or any naturalist who wants to know more about birds and to find out what species a particular bird belongs to.

North American Birds

North America is home to many species of birds. Some are more common birds, and some are near extinction. The following is a short list of only a few of the bird species in North America, but it does give you an idea of the kind of Audubon birds studied and described: Canadian Goose, Yellow-billed Loon, Black-browed Albatross, American White Pelican, Great Blue Heron, Snowy Egret, Greater Flamingo, Bald Eagle, Bicolored Hawk, Bat Falcon, Whooping Crane and the Northern Hawk Owl.