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Read About Aviaries

Aviaries are popular places that house aviary birds. Aviary birds can be very entertaining and are trainable. Here's everything you need to know about aviaries.

The Purpose of an Aviary

Aviaries are large buildings constructed of wood or steel and mesh wire to contain one or many birds. They can be simple in design with nothing but open space for the bird to test her wings or they can be custom made into very complicated shed-like structures with multiple functions and housing many smaller cages within. The reason people build aviaries is to be able to keep larger birds and Amazons in captivity without compromising their need to flex their wings, climb, fly and be closer to their nature setting.Designing Aviaries

Constructing and designing and aviary is going depend on a lot of things, from what type of bird you plan on housing, how many birds you plan to house and where the aviary is to be built. Weather is a huge factor in how the aviary will be built. An avairy in Michigan and in Florida will be built differently and should have the ability to control the temperature to keep the bird comfortable and healthy. Precautions should also be taken to thoroughly insulate the roof to protect the bird from winter blizzards to the blazing hot sun. They can be contracted as a wood design with insulation and the proper sheeting to protect the bird from shifting weather changes.

Popular Aviary Birds

Parakeets are probably the most popular aviary bird because of their cool, calm temperament. They are rather small birds, they have a nice sounding chirp without getting too loud and they have a good demeanor. They are not a very outgoing bird, so they may not make the best choice as a family pet, but they are easily trainable and they are not destructive. Parakeets are often seen in public aviaries for studying and entertainment purposes.

Popular Public Aviaries

People are often fascinated with birds and children love to talk to birds and hear them talk back. We love to watch them do tricks and do their bird calls. There are many aviaries across the United States where you can visit and study these birds. A few of the popular aviaries are: Busch Gardens (FL), The Bronx Zoo (NY), Santa Anta Zoo (CA), Parrot Jungle (FL), Detroit Zoological Park (Mi), Central Park Zoo (NY), National Zoo (D.C.), and the National Aviary (PA).