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Read About Aviary Supplies

The aviary supplies you will need for taking your blue print plans to a real standing aviary vary a great deal, based on the type of design you are creating. You may wish to use a wood structure over a concrete base or plates of glass over a dome-like structure, for example. Either way you will need a myriad of building supplies as well as basic supplies for caring for your bird. Here's everything you need to know about aviary supplies.

Key Feature for Aviary Supplies

Certain features make aviary supplies easier to use than others. It is nice to have supplies that have quick installation, are lightweight, are flexible, durable, strong and long-lasting. It also helps if products resist mildew and are easy to clean. Safety features are also important. Choose quality items to create a long-lasting aviary house for your bird that will keep him safe, happy and healthy.

Basic Building Supplies for Making an Aviary

There are many things to consider when building a large aviary, whether it is for public display or for your own backyard. You may need steel plates, glass pieces to fit a dome structure or a custom made shed built on a concrete base. However you choose to build the aviary, once the main structure is built, you will need to think about how you are going to heat and cool the aviary, how you will ventilate the area, how you will protect your bird from extreme weather conditions and waterproofing the floors, as well as the little things like lighting and gutter placement.

Additional Aviary Supplies

After you finish building the main structure, you will need to purchase additional supplies like cleaning fluids that are safe and non-toxic for the birds, flight cages, nest boxes if you want to raise new birds, and safe and effective ways to get fresh water for your birds. An aviary should also have a wide variety of larger bird toys and bars for the birds to climb on. Bird toys should be tough, acrylic based toys that are colorful and require your bird to use his head to figure out how the toy works. Such toys keep birds from getting bored and usually keep them from behaving badly. You may also wish to include tropical plants, trees, ropes and other aviary supplies to make the bird feel at home.

Where to Find Aviary Supplies

Though you may need to locate a specialty supplier for certain building material, most aviary supplies can be obtained through your local building supply store, pet supply store or exotic bird specialist. If you have trouble finding a local deal, you can find plenty of aviary supply choices by shopping online.