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Read About Abyssinian Breed Information

If you're thinking of an Abyssinian breed cat, then you will need to know some Abyssinian breed info. ImageFrom the time of ancient Egyptians, the Abyssinian breeds of cats have been worshipped and it is still true today, with only a little difference. They have always been a breed apart, and are considered exotic animals. This elegant creature still has the look of wildness, which makes it more alluring than the ordinary cat. It is a medium size cat with moderately pointed ears and a smooth silky soft coat. Its tail is long and tapers to a fine point.

You will find that Abyssinian breed info becomes important even before you bring your cat home. It is a very high-energy cat, and it will remain active throughout its life. It loves high places to perch its sleek body. You will notice that this cat will do everything on its own terms and is very intelligent. Another piece of Abyssinian breed info is that these cats can live up to 20 years old, which makes them the perfect lifetime pet.

The Abyssinian breed comes in several colors, such as sorrel, fawn or blue, which are the most accepted colors in the UK. In America, you will find them in ruddy, red, fawn and blue. They can also be found in some parts of the world in lilac and cream. Whatever color you choose, it is good to know this Abyssinian breed info so you can make choices. If you're looking for the perfect Abyssinian, then it should not have the markings of a tabby in its coat.

An Abyssinian cat, also known as an Abys cat, is very intelligent. These animals are loving and curious, but they are not mischievous. They are not lap cats, and maybe that will work better for you than a cat that gets in your lap as soon as you sit down. However, they do like to perch on your shoulder, which stems from the fact that they like high places. You will find another bit of information about Abyssinians to be a bit of an oddity. These cats love water, so it won't be a problem giving these cats a bath. ImageThey are wonderful with children and other household pets.

There is some other breed info that you should know to be a responsible cat owner. You will need to give your kitten a healthy start in life. You can do this by giving your cat a nutritional, fresh and wholesome cat food, and there are many brands to choose from. Pay close attention to the labels and make sure that what you choose is the right food for your kitten. Your cat will depend on your love and attention to live a long happy life.

You will also need a good brand of kitty litter, and the pan to put it in can range from the basic litter pan to the deluxe version. Another piece of important Abyssinian breed info is not to forget to get a scratch pad and lots of toys.