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Read About American Wirehair

American Wirehair cats can be described as laid back, with a relaxed and friendly temperament. American Wirehair cats make good family pets because they are gentle and playful. ImageThey usually do well with children and are normally very good with other pets.

American Wirehair cats began as a spontaneous mutation of farm cats in upstate New York in 1966, where a single male kitten in a litter was found to have a wiry coat. When this kitten was bred with one of his littermates, the gene that produces the wire coat was found to be dominant. Appropriately named Adam, all American Wirehair cats can be traced to this single male cat.

The coat of the American Wirehairs is distinctively springy and wiry. The hairs are short to medium in length and each one is hooked or crimped. Most American Wirehair kittens seem to have “normal” coats;” the actual texture does not become set until the cat reaches maturity. Even very significant changes in the texture of the coat from birth through maturity are not uncommon. American Wirehairs often have curly whickers, though not all do. They have rounded ears and large, wide-set round eyes.

ImageAmerican Wirehairs usually range in size from around 7 pounds to about 15 pounds. They do not require much grooming. In fact, any combing or brushing should be done carefully, to avoid damaging the wiry coat.

The American Wirehair is a hardy breed, and is not particularly susceptible to any diseases or illnesses. Breeders consider American Wirehairs to be easy to care for and good producers, with an average litter size of around 6 kittens. The life expectancy of the American Wirehair is about fifteen years; many cats that are well cared for live longer than this.