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Read About British Short Haired Cat


If you're looking for a new cat, you should give the British Short haired cat breeds some thought. They are perfect for the short-haired cat lovers. They are the perfect addition to any household. These cats have a lot going for them. They have excellent health records with very few problems. You can see entries of British short hairs in cat shows today as they are becoming much more popular.

The British Short Haired cat breeds are calm and quiet companions. They appreciate quality time without demanding it. They get along with other animals in the house very well, and they love children. This is when the true British short hair comes through. If you live in an apartment, you will find that these cats are the perfect apartment dwellers. They are playful and alert, without being destructive. The only problem that may arise with a Brit in an apartment is what the neighbors below are thinking when it races across the floor.

The British Short haired cat breeds are relatively new to North America, although in England, they go back as one of the oldest cat breeds. It has become a favorite for animal trainers because of its easy-going nature and high intelligence. Its luxurious coat is short and plush, very easy to maintain, and just requires a little Image brushing. They are not known for their speed and agility, and like their four paws on the ground most of the time. It has a smile like no other cat, which makes it a little easier to relate to its companions. They come in all colors, but at first were only known as the British Blue. Now they not only come in different colors, but also different patterns.

If you do bring home British Short haired cat breeds, then there are a few things you will need to make this wonderful cat a little more comfortable. You will need a premium cat food, or if it is a kitten, then the appropriate kitten food. Kittens are not supposed to be taken from their mothers until they are 12 weeks old. They seem to need this time, and depend very heavily upon the mother up to this time. There are many good foods on the market to choose from, just make sure you choose the right one for your kitty.

You will also need a good litter and litter pan for this wonderful feline. Litter pans come in the basic to the deluxe, and you can even get ones that automatically keep the litter clean for you. The litter itself ranges from the basic litter to the litter that allows no odor. There are many kinds available to choose from. You will also need a bed for kitty, unless she takes over your bed. You will find many different styles of cat beds on the market. Then there are toys to keep your kitty busy during play and a scratch pad, so it can do what comes naturally to cats. Nothing is too good for British Short Haired Cat breeds, as you will soon find out and be so glad you did.