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Read About Best Cat Breeds for Children

Families frequently want to know which are the best cat breeds for children. ImageWhile the answer to this question varies, there are some breeds that are more suited to children than others. It is, of course, always important to teach even the youngest children to treat cats with respect. Children must understand that cats are living creatures, not playthings, and that they must be handled carefully and only when adults are present. For the safety of both your children and your pets, you should never leave children and pets together without adult supervision.

Burmese are very affectionate cats and make excellent pets. They are a playful breed and are highly intelligent. Very people-oriented, Burmese are sometimes referred to as the dogs of the cat world, for the way they attach to their human companions. Some Burmese will follow other cats or humans from room to room, all the while attempting to engage in play, which is what makes them on the of the best cat breeds for children.

Rag doll cats, another one of the best cat breeds for children, are large, laid back animals. They are tolerant and gentle, and adapt well to most any situation. Rag dolls get along well with other pets, including other cats, and are generally very good with children. Loving, long haired cats, Rag doll cats often follow their human companions around, quietly observing their behavior. Rag dolls are very large cats, usually weighing between 10 and 20 pounds at maturity.

ImageBombay cats, with their deep black coat and bright copper-colored eyes, look like miniature versions of black leopards from India. Extremely intelligent and friendly, Bombay cats are affectionate and highly trainable. They do very well with children, as well as with cats and other pets. Bombay cats are playful and energetic, can be trained to perform tasks such as fetching, and are easily leash trained. They will often run to the door to greet visitors, much like many dogs will. Curious and friendly, it is important to keep the Bombay cat indoors, lest she wander off in search of new friends or adventures.

Exotic Shorthair cats have the look of a Persian cat without all the hair. Like Persians, they are affectionate and loving, and are generally good with children. Because they are generally quiet cats and may prefer to be left alone, they are sometimes better suited for families with older children than those with younger ones. Exotic Shorthair cats are easy-going and more likely to sit quietly in front of you, waiting to be noticed than to meow for attention. If your children are very rambunctious, this may not be the best breed. If, on the other hand, you have gentle children who want an affectionate cat to quietly pat, an Exotic Shorthair makes a good choice.

Although every individual cat is different, there are some generally accepted as the best cat breeds for children. As with any pet, children need to be taught to interact properly with cats and should always be supervised with any pet.