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Read About Best Cat Breeds for Senior Adults

The best cat breeds for senior adults are commonly those that are friendly but not needy, social without being overwhelmingly active, and often not overly large. ImageSenior adults may opt for cat breeds that don’t require too much grooming, especially if arthritis is an issue for the cat owner. Some of the best cat breeds for senior adults include American and British Shorthairs, Exotic Shorthairs, and Scottish Folds.

The American Shorthair cat is the most popular cat in the U.S. and is owned by more families than any other. Known for its longevity and social disposition, the American Shorthair makes a good family pet. They are friendly with other pets and good with children and adults alike. American Shorthairs do not require much grooming, which makes him one of the best cat breeds for senior adults. Occasional brushing will generally suffice. They are not prone to any particular illnesses or diseases, but have a tendency towards obesity. Proper diet and portion control can help keep the American Shorthair cat’s weight in check.

British Shorthair cats are common in the United Kingdom, but fairly rare in the U.S. Easy-going, intelligent, and trainable, the British Shorthair is often one of the cats of choice of animal trainers who work with cats for movies and television. Their genial and docile temperaments make them ideal for senior adults. Although the coat of the British Shorthair feels thick and luxurious, it requires very little grooming. Occasional brushing will suffice. British Shorthairs are generally healthy cats, and are not prone to any particular illnesses or ailments.

Exotic Shorthair cats have the look of a Persian cat without all the hair. Like Persians, they are affectionate and loving, and are usually even-tempered. They are generally quiet cats, and usually get along well with other animals but may prefer to be left alone. Exotic Shorthair cats are easy-going and more likely to sit quietly in front of you, waiting to be noticed, than to meow for attention. Compared to a Persian, the Exotic Shorthair is easy to groom. This is not to say it does not require regular grooming. The coat of an Exotic Shorthair will not tangle or mat they way a Persian’s will, but it still needs weekly combing to remove dead hair and keep the coat fresh. Because of this grooming requirement, Exotic Shorthairs may not necessarily be the best cat breed for senior adults with arthritis, especially in their hands.

Scottish Fold cats have distinctively folded ears and gentle temperaments. ImageThey are good with other animals and with children as well as adults, making them good pets for seniors. With their folded-down ears and full faces, they are often said to resemble teddy bears or owls. Generally laid back in personality, the Scottish Fold is an undemanding cat who adapts well to various situations. Short-haired cats, the coats of Scottish Folds do not require much grooming. Scottish Fold cat ears require particular attention. Since the ear opening is completely covered, the cat cannot keep the ear clean himself.

The best cat breeds for senior adults are those that tend to be loving without being overly demanding. Cat breeds such as American and British Shorthairs, Exotic Shorthairs, and Scottish Folds can provide good companionship without requiring constant attention from their human companions.