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Read About Boarding your Cat the First Time

At some point in your life, you will need to address what to do with your cat when your need to travel or have an emergency and boarding your cat the first time can seem traumatic. ImageBut you should be prepared to limit the drama involved and make the transition from home to the kennel easy for both you and your cat. Boarding a cat at professional kennel can offer your pet full-time, knowledgeable and experienced care when you can not be there.

When planning on boarding your cat the first time, you should not wait until the last minute to locate a reputable kennel. Look in the phone book for kennels that accept cats. Be sure to check with friends or your veterinarian to recommend a kennel or which kennels to avoid! Take time to visit one or a number of kennels to find one that you feel will take the best care of your cat.

What should you look for in a good kennel? Cats not from the same household should be individually housed. The cats at the kennel should appear healthy and well taken care of (fresh water, clean litter boxes, etc). The general overall appearance should look and smell clean. Kennels should provide a temperature controlled environment, with good lighting during the day, good ventilation at all times, and many will leave music on when staff is not on the premises. Many cat kennels will also offer outdoor kennels if you desire.

Discuss with the kennel staff what you can bring with your cat when boarded regarding food, toys and blankets. Some kennels find it easier to feed boarders the same diet if a cat is not on a prescription diet and to not allow or limit toys/blankets from home since these can be hard to track when daily cleaning of the kennels. Be sure to inquire about what are the immunization requirements for boarding your cat. If you cat does not already have the required immunizations, make an appointment with your veterinarian to get your cat the vaccinations so you will be ready for boarding your cat the first time.

Consider short, overnight stays at the kennel prior to an extended boarding stay to help your pet get used to boarding. ImageRemember to always transport your cat to and from the kennel in a cat carrier and to have identification prominent on the carrier as well as having a collar with identification on your cat.

Remember to plan ahead when boarding your cat the first time especially during peak travel times (holiday and summer vacation times). You may need to reserve kennel space a few weeks before you plan to leave. Be prepared to provide the boarding facility you’re your contact information while gone, your veterinarian information in case of a medical emergency, and any medications and medical information that the kennel needs to know about your cat.

Don’t get over-emotional at the drop-off or pick-up as your cat can pick up your feelings and become stressed. Boarding your cat the first time with a little preparation in advance will provide you cat with quality care while you are gone and give you with peace of mind that your cat is being well cared for in your absence.