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Read About 125 Gal Glass Fish Tank

Getting the right fish tank is essential to having and keeping healthy fish. The 125 gal glass fish tank is a good size tank for those who want to have medium sized fish or several types of smaller fish.

Advantages to having a glass fish tank

Though you can get a fish tank that’s made out of glass or acrylic, glass fish tanks have certain advantages that are not found in acrylic tanks. A 125 gal glass fish tank is actually less expensive than an acrylic fish tank. Glass fish tanks also don’t scratch as easily as acrylic tanks.

A 125 gal glass fish tank also has some disadvantages that make the acrylic tank more appealing to some fish lovers. The 125 gal glass fish tank is heavier than an acrylic tank. This isn’t necessarily problematic, but it can be if you plan on putting the tank on a surface that can’t support the weight of the tank. Before you buy a 125 gal glass fish tank you should determine if you have a space that’s sturdy enough to hold at least 1,200 pounds.

Unlike an acrylic 125 gal fish tank, a 125 gal glass fish tank is held together with sealant that can wear out over time. When the sealant on the 125 gal glass fish tank wears out, it can cause the tank to leak, which is problematic. In this sense, the acrylic tank is more durable and might be worth the extra cost.

Having and maintaining a large tank

A 125 gal glass fish tank is not a small tank. In fact, the standard fish tank size at a pet store is 10 gallons and beginners are usually advised not to get a tank that is larger than 30 gallons. But, if you’re ready to get a 125 gal glass fish tank, you probably have at least some experience with fish tanks.

Beginners are usually advised to stay away from a 125 gal glass fish tank because this tank can hold more fish and is more expensive. A more experienced fish owner knows how to care for a tank and is presumably experienced in placing several different species of fish together.

As with anything, there are advantages to having a 125 gal glass fish tank. For one, you’ll get to have more fish! The more water you have, the more fish you can host. You can also host the larger fish that would not be comfortable or healthy in a small tank. Another advantage to a 125 gal glass fish tank is that it’s easier to keep clean.