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Read About 5 Gallon Fish Tank

The 5 gallon fish tank is small, but it’s a great size for any family or individual that’s interested in learning about how to grow and maintain an aquarium.

What is the 5 gallon fish tank?

The 5 gallon fish tank is half the size of your average fish tank. Average fish tanks are 10 gallons and are used for housing lizards and small mammals such as guinea pigs as well as fish. Naturally these animals can’t all live together, but many people who want to keep small lizards will use a 10 gallon tank for that purpose instead.

The 5 gallon fish tank is not as versatile as the 10 gallon tank because it’s often too small for any thing other than a fish. The 5 gallon tank is a perfect size for one, maybe two, fish. You shouldn’t try to cram any more than two fish into this tank.

An advantage and a disadvantage

Everything has advantages and disadvantages including the 5 gallon fish tank. This fish tank is very small so it fits much more easily into different households. It’s also much less expensive than bigger fish tanks that often have to be custom made to fit comfortably into someone’s home.

The 5 gallon fish tank also has some disadvantages. For one, it’s a lot easier for a cat, dog or child to knock over a 5 gallon fish tank than it is for them to knock over a larger, heavier tank.

The 5 gallon fish tank also needs to be cleaned more frequently than other tanks because it doesn’t have the capacity to hold filters and fish that naturally clean the cage. But, on the other hand, this cage is a lot easier to clean than big cages.

And the beta stands alone

The 5 gallon fish tank is good for loners. Some fish simply do not like to be put with other fish and will kill or maim other fish that are forced into its environment. One such fish is the beta, which is a beautiful fish that comes in all types of colors. The beta is a fighting fish and will try to rip apart other fish, particularly betas that are placed into its environment.

The 5 gallon fish tank is absolutely perfect for the beta fish. It’s big enough that the fish has enough room to roam and it’s small enough that it doesn’t look stark without a bunch of fish. The 5 gallon fish tank is great for small fighting fish like the beta because it give them a space to call their own.