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Read About 50 Gallon Fish Tank

The 50 gallon fish tank is a medium sized fish tank, but is large enough that it can hold a variety of interesting fish.

The 50 gallon fish tank

The 50 gallon fish tank is a good sized fish tank because it’s large enough to hold more than one fish, but it’s small enough that the fish owner doesn’t have to invest in a custom made tank.

Before you purchase your 50 gallon fish tank, you should be aware of some parameters. For example, it’s recommended that you assume every gallon of water placed in your tank will equate to 10 pounds. That means if you have a 50 gallon fish tank you’ll need to place the tank on a surface that can support at least 500 pounds.

Also, before you get your 50 gallon fish tank, decide what kind of material you want the tank to be made out of. The most common fish tank materials are glass and acrylic. Glass is less expensive and doesn’t scratch as easily as acrylic, but because it’s held together with sealant, which is known for having a shorter life than acrylic.

The oscar as a tank pet

There are many different kinds of fish that you can put into your fish tank, but oscars are great fish to put in a 50 gallon fish tank. These fish can get as large as 12-16 inches so they should not be kept in smaller cages. A 50 gallon fish tank is a great home for this fish.

If you decide to put an oscar in your 50 gallon fish tank, make sure that you keep the temperature between 74 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit. These fish need to keep their body temperature around 77 degrees Fahrenheit and keeping the water between 74 and 81 will achieve this goal.

These fish are actually fighter fish, though they’re not as aware of being fighter fish as some other fighter fish. Because the oscar is a fighting fish, it should be placed in the 50 gallon fish tank by itself or with larger fish that it cannot harm. The oscar fish should be fed a high protein diet because in the wild its diet consists largely of meat.

Though you should clean your 50 gallon fish tank frequently, you should be even more cognizant of cleaning the tank if you have oscar fish. These fish are very messy and need at least 10 percent of their water changed out on a weekly basis even if you have a water filtration system your 50 gallon fish tank.