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Read About 55 Gal Fish Tank

You can put so many different fish into a 55 gal fish tank, but dragon fish are one of the most popular fish to put in this tank!

Why a 55 gal fish tank?

A 55 gal tank is considered a larger tank, but one great thing about it is that it can hold many fish that smaller tanks simply can’t handle. Before you get a 55 gal fish tank, you should make sure you have a space in your home that is large enough to hold such a tank. This space should be large enough for the tank and a tank stand to fit.

What do I put in my 55 gal fish tank?

Well, you can put all kinds of things in your 55 gal fish tank! If you wanted to you could put a bunch of small school fish into the tank or you could put a few larger fish into the tank.

Most 55 gal fish tank owners who do not own a pet store or breed fish, opt to keep a few larger fish in their tank. This is because smaller fish, such as school fish, manage just fine in smaller tanks so some fish owners feel that if they want small fish they should just buy a small fish tank.

One popular fish

One of the most popular fish to place in a 55 gal fish tank is the dragonfish. Dragonfish do not breathe fire. In fact, they’re quite harmless. They’re sensitive freshwater fish and shy away from other fish, which is why they get along well with other fish.

If you decide to keep dragonfish in your 55 gal fish tank, keep in mind that these fish are incredibly sensitive. They get sick fairly easily so you might want to consider keeping dragonfish and only dragonfish in your 55 gal fish tank.

Dragonfish like warmer water than other fish and require a 55 gal fish tank that has a temperature between 77 degrees Fahrenheit and 83 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep your 55 gal fish tank between these temperatures you’re probably going to need to get a heater as well as a thermometer.

They’re big boppers

Dragonfish can get quite large. In the wild they can grow to be more than two feet long, though they usually only reach one feet long when they’re in captivity. Because they are such large fish, you should have at least 25 gallons of water for each fish. That means if you have a 55 gal fish tank, you should only have two dragonfish. If you want other fish in the 55 gal tank, you should probably only get one dragonfish.